11 Apr SKF Gulf. ISO classification of bearing damage and failure modes. The ISO standard is based primarily on features that are visible on. Key words: Bearing failure, Contamination, Grease, Oil, Lubricant, Lubrication. 1. Lubrication of .. analyses of bearing failure is to jump to the conclusion that there is a . [12] SKF Bearing Corporation, Bearing Failures and Their. Causes. 13 May Operational damage mode causes. • Identifying loading patterns. • ISO Standard • Bearing damage analysis. • Securing evidence.

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Bearing analysis: Troubleshoot the problem, not the failure

Bearing Inspector gives its initial diagnosis based on the information so far; the confidence factors are included. The aim is to be proactive and not reactive.

Internal mechanisms represent the physical phenomena that happen during operation, such as lubrication, film disruption, sliding contact, etc. The increased level after lubrication was due to small particles of debris still in the grease.

However, this is not appropriate because different causes can have similar effects that appear as similar symptoms. Application conditions are filled by loading the electric motor skf bearing failure analysis data among other bearing type, coating, speeds, etc.

In a correct diagnosis, there are aalysis reasoning steps:. The network for bearing failure analysis has four node categories: Allied with the knowledge of anapysis bearing defect patterns appear in condition monitoring systems, root cause failure analysis can be greatly enhanced.


In the modeling of the network, various sources of information were used. If the bearing is changed, it is essential that it is changed at the right analysus.

We often see examples of totally wrecked bearings and, alongside, the spectral and vibration data that detected the failure. Lubrication When the lubrication of a bearing starts to fail, it generally causes an increase in vibration, noise or acoustic emission.

Did we do a good job in detecting the problem or did we just detect failure? More about probabilistic network The probabilistic network is a visual network in which nodes are connected by causal relationships, and probability calculations are applied. It is important to use these techniques before the functional failure occurs.

A simple file with user instructions is provided for getting started. skf bearing failure analysis

Root Cause Bearing Damage Analysis

skf bearing failure analysis This Web-enabled system is available for SKF engineers to support customers in bearing damage and failure investigations. With a probabilistic network, the two-step reasoning is implemented by forward and backward probability calculations.

Session data control is available for analyzis data storage and retrieval. By taking a time block of data, it is possible to then join the ends to show the data in a profile plot. Example cases can, however, be used to model or verify other knowledge representations.

Unfortunately, many practical cases are not well documented, and no uniformity regarding the documented parameters or failure mode skf bearing failure analysis exists. The data is then time synchronous averaged using a virtual trigger set by the time length of 1 rpm. Instead of investigating all possible observations and non-filled-in conditions, the most relevant ones are suggested, dependent upon the failure hypothesis or internal mechanisms that need to be investigated.


A lubrication management regime is often based on listening to the bearing. These can be used as training material to demonstrate how the Bearing Inspector supports the analysis of a bearing damage investigation. Root cause failure analysis and proactive maintenance worked. Mathematical relationships between symptoms and causes can be derived by skf bearing failure analysis example failure cases.

Regarding skf bearing failure analysis representation, several forms exist, such as: SKF ptitude Exchange eLearning on-line. Current knowledge-based systems have benefited from the experience of expert systems developed in the s, although these suffered major flaws in aspects of reasoning capacity and computer power.

Apart from defining the nodes, the causal relations and probabilities, explanation texts for each node including examples and pictures are developed.

Bearing analysis: Troubleshoot the problem, not the failure

This can work but, by far, the best way is to trend the data against engineering units. Failure modes represent the types of failure, such as subsurface initiated fatigue and fretting corrosion. Toggle navigation Toggle search.