15 Jun NAVAIR T Summary of Applicable Technical Directives Information relating to the following recent technical directives has been. 13 Jan Aircraft Refueling NATOPS Manual, NAVAIR T Accounting and stock control procedures are not included in this handbook or in the. 15 Jan NAVAIRINST 28 Nov Establishment of . NAVAIR T CH-1 01 Jul US Navy Support NAVAIR T 01 Jun

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Replace cap on drop tank. Replacement bottles and tags for the above fuel sampling kit, NSN Navair 00-80t-109 contaminated fuel detector — device used to navaur fuel for both navair 00-80t-109 and particulate contamination. For environmental reasons it is recommended that pressure relief valves and air eliminator also be connected to a recovery system.


They shall never be used to inert a fuel tank since this can actually ignite a fire or explosion. Standardization, based on professional knowledge and experience, provides the navair 00-80t-109 for development of an efficient and sound operational procedure.

Fuel operators shall discontinue any nagair operation that does not appear to be navair 00-80t-109 in a normal navaiir that is, appears to be taking much longer than would normally be expected, or pressures are too high, too low, etc. From the nozzle attached to the receiving aircraft after flow is established 2. Storage and Distribution Facilities Checklist. The minimum physical and chemical property requirements for fuel to be used in an aircraft. It cannot be used to make one-time orders of publications from current stock.

Laboratories shall also note the presence of significant amounts of free water in the bottom navair 00-80t-109 the sample container. Note This step navaor not applicable to air-capable ships since they do not have a QDC with navair 00-80t-109 switch.

The nozzle navair 00-80t-109 shall assist the refueler operator in handling the hose and nozzle prior to, and after the servicing of aircraft in order to minimize hose wear and nozzle damage due to dragging. Standard, Free Water — NSN Note Since free-water standards deteriorate with exposure to ultraviolet light, they shall be changed and dated every days.


Randomly select a direct refueling system, refueler truck, and so forth. General instructions and procedures for conducting tests with the equipment listed in paragraph 9.

Hot navair 00-80t-109 operations require the pilot to keep in radio contact with the tower at all times. For maximum effectiveness and safety, fire extinguishers must be operated in accordance with the specific procedures developed for each individual type.

Navair 00-80t-109 C contains a list of navair 00-80t-109 which should be part of nabair ships aviation fuel division continuous training syllabus. Questions, problems, and concerns regarding the technical requirements for the systems or their operation and maintenance should be directed to this office for resolution.

Storage cabinets for test equipment support items, for example, bottles, drying rack, navair 00-80t-109 millipore pads 00-80g-109. If continuous or extensive hot refueling is being performed with mobile revealers, the use of an anchored pantograph shall be required see Figure To get publications from current stock, see One-Time Orders above. Defuel drop tanks as directed. On the job training.

aircraft refueling natops manual navair 00 80t

Prohibit the top loading or splash filling of any fuel vessel; e. If the hose is drawn taut, personnel in this area could be pulled overboard. Note A fueling crew consists of a qualified crew leader with established communications, a minimum of one qualified navair 00-80t-109 per hose in use, and a plane captain. It is the responsibility of the activity submitting samples to a laboratory to provide the laboratory navair 00-80t-109 the desired distribution of reports in accordance with paragraph 3.

All manual water drains shall be connected to a portable or permanently installed recovery system. Fuel quality control efforts sampling navair 00-80t-109 testing that are performed on the fuel from the time it leaves the refinery until it is consumed by an aircraft. Aviation Fuel Operational Sequencing Systems.

A series of apprenticeship navaif on-the-job 008-0t-109 OJT navair 00-80t-109 each major system to be operated; for example, direct refueling system, refueling truck, truck fill stand, and fuel transfer system. Relaxation chamber or equivalent piping configuration capable of providing 30 seconds of static relaxation from point of last filtration to the nozzle. All refueling personnel shall be thoroughly familiar with this basic information. Fuel Dispensed to Aircraft by Ships.


Navair 00-80t-109 end control valve same as HEPR.

Improper containers and poorly-drawn or mishandled samples can cause laboratory results to be meaningless, or worse, misleading. Prohibit smoking, spark or flame producing items, open flames, or hotwork within 50 feet of any refueling operation. The set of detailed instructions that cover the operation of shipboard fuel systems. Each over-the-wing nozzle shall have navair 00-80t-109 attached a flexible bonding wire of suitable length terminating with a plug type connector.

Tests have proven them incapable of igniting vapors, even if accidentally dropped or navair 00-80t-109 light bulb is crushed. Each mobile refueler should be equipped with a high-level shutoff that provides a secondary fail-safe system and which causes the internal valve to close when product reaches the high level. Never dispose of waste fuel in storm water or sanitary sewage systems. When any appreciable contamination is found, the test shall navair 00-80t-109 repeated, paying particular attention to cleaning and navair 00-80t-109 the container prior to sampling.

To this end, commanding officers of aviation units are authorized to modify procedures contained herein, in accordance with the waiver provisions established by OPNAVINST The course shall be developed to emphasize safety and procedural requirements contained in these manuals and how they navar to the local facilities, equipment, and operations.

Laboratories shall not run free-water determinations on routine samples since the free-water content of the fuel is severely affected by normal shipping and handling navair 00-80t-109 the navair 00-80t-109 and results are meaningless. Once established on navair 00-80t-109 distribution for this or any other NAVAIR technical publication, an activity must submit an ADRL report on floppy disk at least once every 12 months to update or confirm their automatic distribution requirements.