Megaliving!: 30 Days to a Perfect Life: The Ultimate Action Plan for Total Mastery of Your Mind, Body & Character [Robin S. Sharma] on *FREE*. 29 Mar 1. Never regret your past. Rather,embrace it as the teacher that it is. 2. The day rule. 3. Mind management is the essence of life management. And many. Robin Sharma’s STUNNING SUCCESS LITTLE BLACK BOOK FOR #1 Best Selling Author of • Real-world ways the perfect life plan. Pages·· .

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Apr 25, Nawal Al-Qussyer rated it liked it Shelves: If you follow the 30 Day program life is going to charter through uncharted territories This seems to be the central message of “Megaliving” and sharka is a good one.

MegaLiving: 30 Days To A Perfect Life – Robin Sharma – Google Books

This CD is a inspirational yet enormously megaliviing program on megaliving. See All Goodreads Deals…. Robin Sharma is in constant demand internationally as keynote speaker at the conferences of many of the most powerful companies. Achievement and life success can appear in peace of mind and a well-developed spiritual life. Jul 10, Natesh megaliving by robin sharma it it was amazing.


Anyone who has read his other books The monk megaliving by robin sharma sold his ferrari and Who will cry when you die will feel this. Then focus your energy and attention on these. Feb 06, Susan rated it liked it. How to Megaliing Competitive Intelligence for Entrepreneurs.

Jan 09, Madhuri rated it it was amazing. You will feel more energetic, cleansed and alert. This is one of the Secrets of Successful Living. This book will urge you to explore your inner-self which many times we forget to give its due And megalivlng he chose megaliving by robin sharma write it unnecessarily long.


Robin Sharma’s MegaLiving

For anyone who is looking megaliving by robin sharma a concise self-improvement book, this is a great choice. It has some really inspiring lines and a few real life examples but I could not drag myself to the end of this book because it’s really not the kind of book I like and beside that if you are a good reader—a good fiction reader, than there is always a lot of inspiration th A good book indeed, but clearly not my kind of book.

It begins by tapping the hidden and magical powers of that part of your mind that you may not even know exists: This state of mind is the guiding force of every superachiever before you. I got a headache after reading it.: The book is gripping and I should say every household must keep this book at megaliving by robin sharma handy.

Thank You So Much Mr. I rated this 2 stars not because of the content – but because of repetition of it.

It will soon come as surely as the night follows the megaliving by robin sharma. The Principles are just life-changing Jun 21, Yashika rated it liked it Shelves: The best book I have come across under self-improvement section How to transform your life in 30 days.

Robin sharma, emphasises on controlling ones mind to achieve self mastery which is life mastery. You have to work hard on it just megalliving any other worthy pursuit in life.

Same as Monk who Sold His Ferrari. This is a must read for everyone who wants to achieve better things in there lives and for ppl like me who HAD no scedule or plan for life. A call to make your life different and make difference to other’s life. megaliving by robin sharma

Mega Living

The listing of secrets also has megaliving by robin sharma lot of reps and many things said in diff wordings. No eBook available Amazon. He is a resident of Ontario, Canada. Good practical guide to maximize your productivity. I am a New reader. Cultivate them and treat them as your golden gifts. However, I personally prefer books that appeal to the emotions as well as the intellect, motivating change through stories that evoke longing sgarma than simply through practical suggestions.


Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Discipline and willpower will make you a success. Megaliving by Robin Sharma is a precise book for self-improvement. Sep 09, Sashi rated it really liked it. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Not at all a good self help book. Somehow, it needs to be diluted by more realistic megalving of human megaliving by robin sharma, for example, how people try to improve and fail several times before getting it right.

Open Megaliving by robin sharma See a Problem? When you read for the fiftieth time how this megaliving by robin sharma is going to change your life in first ten pages, you are not sure if the author is trying to convince you or himself. Meggaliving does not mean that you must strive to make 10 million dollars or build a house in Bermuda.

To be very honest, it shrama me a lot to get a new direction to myself and to find the real ME.

A huge number of times even same megaliving by robin sharma are copy-pasted with a different arrangement. Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny.