Dans le langage SQL, la fonction d’agrégation SUM() permet de calculer la Pour calculer le montant de la facture n°1 il est possible d’utiliser la requête SQL . Les deux exemples illustrent une sous-requête valide qui extrait une instance de chaque nom de. 18 févr. Si une table apparaît uniquement dans une sous-requête et pas dans la requête externe, les colonnes de cette table ne peuvent pas figurer.

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Both are examples of a valid subquery that retrieves one instance of each product name for which the product model is a long sleeve les requetes sql jersey, and the ProductModelID numbers match between the Product and ProductModel tables.

The following example doubles the value in the ListPrice column in the Production. A subquery is subject to les requetes sql following restrictions: The outer query is then evaluated. For example, to find the names of products that are not in the wheels subcategory: The following example illustrates how you might use this enhancement.

Les requetes sql ne supprime pas les doublons entre les deux ensembles de 5 lignes. This is because joins are symmetric: Here is the result set.

Cours de SQL/Oracle

The following example uses IN in a correlated, or repeating, subquery. To understand the results of this query, consider the name of each product in turn.

This query les requetes sql one instance of each employee’s led and last name for which les requetes sql bonus in the SalesPerson table is and for which the employee identification numbers match in the Employee and SalesPerson tables.

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For example, if you want to include the name of the product subcategory in the result, you must use a join version.

Here is what the query looks like with these implicit assumptions specified: Person AS pp les requetes sql e. This does not remove the duplicates between the two sets of 5 rows. Finally, the outer query uses the contact IDs to find the names of the employees.

Elle requiert en effet une valeur pour Employee.

Jointure SQL

The result is 0 Syed Abbas did not receive a bonus because he is not les requetes sql sales personso the outer query evaluates to: To use a subquery introduced with an unmodified comparison operator, you must be familiar enough with your data and with the nature of the problem to know that the subquery will return exactly one value. Notice that subqueries that are introduced with EXISTS are a bit different from other les requetes sql in the following les requetes sql If a column is referenced in a subquery that does not exist in the table referenced by the subquery’s FROM clause, but exists in a table referenced by the outer query’s FROM clause, the query executes without error.

It finds the products whose list prices are greater than or equal to the maximum list price of any product subcategory. The inner query finds all the sales territories covered by sales persons, and then, for each territory, the outer query finds the customers who are not in one. It needs a value for Employee.

SQL Server SQL Server considers each row of the Employee table for inclusion in the results by substituting the value in each row into the inner query.


A regular FROM clause including one or more table or view names. The query is executed repeatedly, one time for each row that may be selected by the outer query. The following query provides requeges example of a subquery introduced with a comparison operator modified by ANY.

For example, you can find addresses of employees from a particular state using rrquetes subquery: A subquery introduced with an unmodified comparison les requetes sql a comparison operator not followed by ANY or ALL must return a single value rather than a list of values, like subqueries introduced with IN. A subquery can les requetes sql, but not always, les requetes sql expressed as a join.

The final result has 10 rows. If the subquery does requettes return any values, the entire query fails to return any values.

The following example les requetes sql the average price and the sum of year-to-date sales, grouped by product ID and special offer ID.

The following first example les requetes sql a temporary reuqetes named Bicycles in tempdb. The following query finds the name of all vendors whose credit rating is good, from whom Adventure Works Cycles orders at least 20 items, and whose average lead time to deliver is less than 16 days.