Overview Written for the experienced engineer as well as the student, this comprehensive reference presents the fundamental aspects of jig and fixture design in. This book explains both basic principles and advanced designs and applications for today’s flexible systems and controlled machines. Chapters include. Poulto Presto JIG and FIXTURE DESIGN MANUAL ERRATA (Henriksen: JIG AND FIXTURE DESIGN MANUAL) Page 66 – Substitute the.

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Slip bushings may be omitted by using a stepped drill for drilling and counter- boring in one operation. Use stops to prevent ro.

Hnadbook applies not only to drill bushings, but also: Those mentioned first are those which are most likely to be overlooked during the initial planning stages. Also, provide that the cutter will not cut into clamps, stops, or locators if it is set too deeply or overruns its travel.

Dowel pins, precision pins, locating keys for parts requiring repeated accurate positioning, spaced as widely as possible. Typi- cal examples are a mismatch at the parting line be- tween cope upper mold and drag lower moldflash or fins at the same parting lines and along edges of cored cavities, remnants of the gates, dis- placement of cores resulting in uneven wall thick- ness and machining allowance, and displacement of loose pattern pieces resulting in off-set bosses, ears, ribs, and the like.

The grades from and up, while not usually regarded as carburiz- ing types, are sometimes used in this manner for large sections or where a greater core hard- ness is required. For example, in the il- lustration shown, one vertical clamp over the center of the block arrow C, Fig, a would jig and fixture design handbook to take care of the three locating points; one additional clamp against the center of one side arrow C, Fig. Make sure of access to the “inner end” of parts with a press fit.


For milling fixtures, check the previous points for the two cases of up-milling and down-milling also known as climb-milling.

Application of three points on the bottom surface, d. For shell cores, the accuracy is about 25 percent better. They have higher strength and hardness than the previous groups, have satisfactory toughness, but low ductility and are used where higher strength and toughness or greater wear resistance is required. Completing the Body Until jig and fixture design handbook, all the elements are drawn “floating in the air,” so to speak; the last remaining design step is to draw a jig or fixture body that carries all the individual elements and has enough jig and fixture design handbook and rigidity to hold them in their proper places under load.

In other cases, the jig or the drill spindle a radial drill has to be moved from hole to hole. In such cases, additional drill jig and fixture design handbook is needed. A hinged bushing plate can also replace slip bushings.

Sys- tem lines and centers are scribed and punched into the surfaces of the part which is then set up in the machine tool by measurements taken to these lines and centers. In jig and fixture design handbook cases, Lc, when dimensions include fractions of an inch, approximations are used.

Coolant supply and return 7. flxture

Jig and Fixture Design Manual

Heavy parts jjg jig and fixture design handbook located end for end; one end is supported while the other end is being located. For each category of machining operations, there is jig and fixture design handbook definition of its characteristic fixture requirements and one or more typical examples. The concept of centering is of fitxure importance and will be discussed in detail in Chapter 6, in the anx tion on Circular Locators, and in Chapter 9, Cen- tralizes.


Outline of the fixture planning process. It may be light, medium, or heavy. Preferably, one size only for setup and one size only for operating.

Share your thoughts with other customers. To define a part from two parallel and offset flat surfaces results in overde fining. Two factors common to all rotational locators are: Use the diamond-shaped cross section, where appropriate.

Handbook of Jig and Fixture Design, 2nd Edition – William E. Boyes – Google Books

By rule-of- thumb it is accepted that unhardened locators are sufficient for tooling for habdbook 00 parts or less. As indicated in Fig. Customers who bought this item also bought.

For those engineers and designers that need to learn jig and fixture design, this is THE book to get. Again, an additional, adjustable support 9 is jig and fixture design handbook against a small pro- jection on the back of the angle to take the thrust from the cutter 10; a standard end mil.

Drawn parts will have thickness varia- tion and, if not trimmed, a scalloped edge contour earing from planar anisotropy in the stock.

All of them shrink during the subsequent cooling period; the resulting total shrink- age depends on type and composition of the metal, the pouring jig and fixture design handbook, and the cooling rate. Make sure that the machine is strong and rigid enough to carry the weight fixtufe the fixture and ab- sorb shocks and vibrations from the operation.

There are noteworthy exceptions to this general rule.