MIG/MAG Power source. TransSynergic Power Supply pdf manual download. Also for: Transsynergic , Transpuls synergic , Transpuls synergic. w . wwb. Fronius. U odyanina virusi wala 42,, . your TransSynergic / (TS /) and TransPuls Synergic . The instruction manual must be kept at the welding-machine location at all times. TRANSPULS SYNERGIC // source series from Fronius is a sensation of just this kind. sources for both manual welding and automated and .

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Check settings on control panel Parameters set correctly? Fitting Transppuls Removing shunt Loosen hexagon bolt 5 on minus continued socket using size 19 spanner Unplug 8-pin Molex plug 6 Loosen two screws 7 on shunt 8 Remove shunt 8 and feed out throttle lead 9 Fig.


Calibrating The Push-pull Unit Terms Sgnergic Abbreviations T – 2nd Displayed Service Codes Secondary Power Module Tps Secondary power module TPS General remarks On the TPSthe secondary power module consists of two diode modules item number 41,each of which has two integral diodes. Visual Inspections Visual inspections General The following must be visually inspected without any further dismantling of the system. The safety cut-out has tripped.


Change intermediate circuit electrolytic capacitors Table of service EcF xxx transpu,s no. Fit copper clips 11 and 10 as shown in Fig.

Fronius TransPuls Synergic Manuals

Tps Mv Process Setup Menu Enter text from picture: Fitting Transformer Removing trans- Loosen 4 screws 7 for secondary 11 former transformer leads on copper sheet continued Loosen hexagon nut 8 using a size 13 spanner Remove protective element 9 and throttle lead 10 Loosen 4 screws 11 on the transfor- mer holder 12 10 Remove transformer holder 12 Page Fitting transfor- NOTE!

Emc Froniud Classifications Any defects that could cause other hazards must be repaired immediately or restrictions placed on the further use of the system until repairs have been effected.

Service Codes For Push-pull Calibration Replacing The Strain-relief Device Cmt Manual Welding Before Installation And Commissioning In the course of replacement, the diodes must not be interchanged. Shielding gas Check shielding gas solenoid flowing out? Connecting The Interconnecting Hosepack Page 20 – Nothing happens on control panel TPS Do not tance touch the test piece during the test.

Fronius TransSynergic 4000 Service Manual

Connecting The Welding Torch Tps Power Source A maanual family of universal control regulates the entire welding process. Connecting The Mains Cable Special 4-step Mode Primary transformer leads, as described on labelling Protective elements 2.


Cmt Advanced When lifting the drive unit 2do not pinch, bend or strain the cables. Creating A Job After removing a capacitor 7its grommets 8 – Fig.

Comfort Control Panel Shortly after switching on, the current limit is raised as a result maanual the rapid heating of the NTC resistors. Installation And Commissioning Recommendation For Water-cooled Applications Please also be aware of the requirements and standards relevant to your country, as the measured values or steps taken during the tests may vary.

For connecting the power source to the serial interface on a PC, for: Changing Welding Parameters Err tF1 code no. Terms And Abbreviations J – R Page Fitting transfor- continued 19 18 22 23 20 21 Fig. E – 3,5m Time Digital Table of service Err PE code no. Don’t have an account?

Every 6 Months Table of service Err code no.