The Fleet Marine Force Warfare Insignia, also known as the Fleet Marine Force badge or FMF . Force Warfare Officers, and are waived from completing certain [weapons related] portions of the Personnel Qualification Standards (PQS). FMF PQS Study Guides courtesy of CORE SECTIONS Marine Corps History, Rank Structure, and Courtesies ยท United. This quiz contains general knowledge and advancement related questions from the Enlisted FMF PQS manual, Section – History, Rank.

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Hospital Corpsman Chronicles: FMF PQS Study Guides

Magazine removed, the chamber is empty, the slide is forward, and the safety is on. Is task organized to provide the full range of CSS functions and capabilities needed to support the continued readiness and sustainability of the MAGTF as a whole.

Patients who are dead or fatally injured. When qualifying for the Enlisted Fleet Marine Force Warfare specialist pin, a hospital corpsman, religious programs specialist, personnel specialist, along with some construction battalion “SeaBee” units when directly assigned to a U.

Archived from the original PDF on 29 May Select a Match Any material that, because of its quantity, concentration, or physical or chemical characteristics, may pose a substantial hazard to human health or the environment when incorrectly used, purposefully released, or accidentally spilled.

This involves serving one year with a Marine Corps unit two years for reservespassing the Marine Physical Fitness Test PFT fmmf, a written test, demonstrating skills used in service with the Marines such as weapon breakdown and familiarization, land navigation, combat communications and an oral examination by senior enlisted sailors who are FMF qualified.


Navy officers and sailors who are trained and qualified to perform duties in support of the United Ffmf Marine Corps. To provide the Marines a forward base from where to launch additional attacks on British held islands.

Patients whose injuries require minor professional treatment that can be doen on an outpatient or ambulatory basis. Marines invaded New Providence Island in the Bahamas and seized guns and supplies.

The first Marine landing took place during the Revolutionary War.

Take corrective action when necessary. Survey Maker Flashcards See All.

Fleet Marine Force FMF – Practice Test – ProProfs Quiz

Anyone have any links? You’ve been to FMTB yes, but you don’t understand.

The surf and sand ffm the “littoral zone,” the coastal regions where Sailors have served alongside Marines as they earned their reputation and world’s respect — “the shores of Tripoli” and the “sands of Iwo Jima. An infantry battalion reinforced with artillery, reconnaissance, engineer, armor, assault amphibian units, and other detachments as required. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard.


Removing ad is a premium feature. Marines deployed to where in as part of a multinational peacekeeping force in an effort to restore peace and order to this war-torn country.

The chamber is empty, a magazine is inserted, the slide forward, and the safety is on.

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The primary function of this aircraft is “Medium life assault support helicopter”. Is a short, continuous sloping line of fmc ground, normally cut into the side of a ridge or hill.

Survey Maker Flashcards See All. Is a chronological record of duty assignments and is maintained throughout member’s active and inactive duty career. For a victim who is suffering from Heat Exhaustion, and is conscious, you should give how many teaspoons of salt dissolved in how many liters of cool water? Which of the following people led a contingency of Marines at Harper’s Ferry to put down an attempted slave revolt?

Fleet Marine Force insignia

The Enlisted Fleet Marine Force Warfare Specialist designation is most commonly awarded to the hospital corpsman HM and religious programs specialist RP ratings, although it is also awarded to other sailors who support Marine Corps commands e. Patients qps whom definitive treatment can be delayed without jeopardy to life or loss of limb.

September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Patients with minor injuries such as soft tissue injuries, simple fractures, or minor to moderate burns.