Complete summary of Stephen Vincent Benét’s By the Waters of Babylon. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of By the Waters of Babylon. The great river in the story “By the Waters of Babylon” is the Hudson River. The Hudson River is the river separating parts of New York from New Jersey. By the Waters of Babylon has ratings and 44 reviews. Corinne said: By the Waters of Babylon is a really well written story, with so many effects go.

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When the dawn came, I was out of sight of the village. Hard to believe it’s such an old story. As he sets out in a journey to become a priest, his father warns him of what they call the “Dead Places. In Edgar Pangborn wrote “The Music Master of Babylon”, [6] a post-apocalyptic story bnet from the point of view of a pianist living alone in a ruined New York City, and after decades of total isolation encountering two youths from a new culture which had arisen in the world, who come exploring the ruined city.

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He looked at me out of both eyes. What’s the Name o The god who lived there must have been a wise god and full of knowledge.

Give me your leave. They were great, they were mighty, they were wonderful and terrible.

By the Waters of Babylon

Sometimes signs are sent by bad spirits. I grew angry then—my heart felt strong. I knew that in another moment the gods would see me. With unbelievable tools they did giant works—no part of the watere was safe from them, for, if they wished for a thing, they summoned it from the other side of the world.

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By the Waters of Babylon – Wikipedia

But the story is not logical nor particularly believable. But when I boasted or wept without a reason, he punished me more strictly than my brothers. It was a dead man’s house, a spirit house.

The towers were high enough, but not so high, and while many of the dead-houses were wrecked, there were some that stood. After that, I wished to tell all the people but he showed me otherwise. But it is not fitting that a priest’s son should show fear. The author was, admittedly, a more accomplished stylist than most of his contemporary science fiction writers and, not having to write for mass-market publication, could allow himself more freedom.

When I went into the dead-house, they kept watch at the entrance—doubtless they thought they would have a fine hunt. Aug 18, Maurita Kling rated it it was amazing. When gods war with gods, they use weapons we do not know. The book is very much ahead of its time, and I respect it for that.

By the Waters of Babylon by Stephen Vincent Benét

Henry Story Prize, the Roosevelt Medal, and a second Pulitzer Prize in for the posthumously-published Western Star, the first part of an epic poem based on American history. When the raft was made, I said the sayings for the dead and painted myself for death.

The nuclear bombs, can’t grow food, too poisonous. Overall I like xtephen post-apocalyptic feel to it, and how in the end the main character decides to start slowly rebuilding society. I looked about me—not far away there was a great, broken god-road, leading north. It’s clear from the way that it’s written that it’s aimed at children, but my copy even has a selection of exercises at the end, so it was obviously produced with the classroom in mind.


A great dystopian reading that deals with the wates of knowledge. I have said the magic was gone but that is not true—it had gone from the magic things but it had not gone from the place. Do your students enjoy a good laugh?

At least, we make a beginning. When I thought of it, my tongue felt dry in my throat, in spite of my wish for knowledge. Bsnet is there that spirits live, and demons—it is there that there are the ashes of the Great Burning. That was a sight indeed—yes, that was a sight: The current of the great river is very strong—it gripped my raft with its hands. He gave me the metal to hold—I took it and did not te. Even though at the start it may be hard to understand, and you might often get confused by what it happening, this story is one of the best you will ever read as it perfectly portrays what a post-apocalyptic world would look like and it will always have you wanting to find out more and more as the story develops.

Jun 13, Stephen Brooke rated it liked it Shelves: It was there, in the red light, and they were too big to be houses. Then my eyes grew used to the light and my ears to the sound.