QS – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: Preface This document is intended to assist the service technician in the operation, maintenance and repair of the QS Series 64 Voice Synthesizer/ Controller. QS7/QS8 Reference Manual 1 2 QS7/QS8 Reference Manual Table of Contents Contents 1: Setting Up 7 Unpacking and Inspection 7 AC Power 7 Line.

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The [1 00] Sound Group lets you select Programs through This selects the Effects of the currently selected Program as the source of what is to be copied.

The velocity of the note value.

Alesis QS | Vintage Synth Explorer

For example, if you are programming three different keyboard splits, each of which alsis the same left-hand bass patch, it makes sense to use Mix Play Mode. Page Many variables are available, from varying the speed and depth of the LFO to feeding back part of the signal to make the effect stronger. The bit addresses shown are from most significant bit to least significant bit for each parameter, with the byte number first, followed by a colon: Send 1 pitch type Page Global Settings: R6 and R24 R85 and R80 R72 and R71 help match impedances as well as current limit qs7.1 resistively isolate the signal before output.


QN A Program may also be edited from within a Mix. Applying aftertouch with this parameter set to a positive value raises the filter cutoff frequency; conversely, applying aftertouch with a negative value lowers the filter cutoff frequency.

In this mode, the MIDI channels sent out will correspond to whatever layers or splits the Mix is set up for.

Send 1 resonator decay Editing Effects 62 QS7. Send 3 reverb density The Mix parameter controls how much an effect block feeds directly to the main outputs, but doesn’t control how much it feeds to any other blocks that may follow it.

All subsequent designs use software controlled manul division to achieve a variable baud rate See Section 2.

The factory default is Controller This will take a minimum of Initializing Programs Mix and Program parameters are reset to their default settings. The lEC-spec AC cord included with the QS do not substitute any other Alexis cord is designed to connect to an outlet that includes three pins, with the third, round pin connected to ground. Several of these units utilize the same PCBs.


Mix name digit 7 This is the normal setting for organ-type sounds. Or, you may copy into any of the four Sounds of the source Program Sound When creating layered Programs, keep polyphony in mind.


In addition, the S6 incorporates an extra inverter U7E to drive the power up mute circuit see Section 2. The User Bank is designed to hold up to 1 00 00 – 99 of your custom-made Mixes. Effect Level 00 to 99, or PROG Page 5 This determines the amount of signal from the selected channel that will be sent to the effects, using one of the four effects buses as determined by the Effect Bus parameter see below.

ALESIS QS7.1 User Manual – Download

Page 00 qs.1 99, whereby 00 is a very fast decay and 99 is a very slow decay. Send 4 has only a Mono Delay effect, which may also be routed to Reverb 1.

The following is a run-down of the various Configurations: The Modulation assignments are saved with the Effects Patch. Each of these numbers represents the position of one of the pots. The PC version sends and receives a D.